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Friday, January 30, 2015

Color Trends for 2015 by Erika Winters

With big firms leading the way, we can see influences continuing to give the magic of color to everyday life.

Color palettes, chromatic scales, shades, are often the subject of conversation and this helps us understand each trend.

We must not forget that “color trends” result from a series of prior trends. It also follows on from how color has been used in the creative arts for a number of years at the forefront of design and architecture projects. Nor should we overlook how each market sector interprets them. In other words, when color trends become personal, users apply the range of colors according to their taste or criteria. Multinational companies obviously make their forecasts for a line of trends based on social, economic, design and, of course, decorative considerations.

Color trends for 2015 include warmer, solid and opaque colors; metallic shades have also been gaining support in the world of interior decorating.

Skin-colored tints, pinks, reds and oranges are amplified and contrasted with blue and green to create geometrical and linear shapes.

Base colors are earthy and natural, with sandy and sepia hues, and for detailing we see brighter shades of yellow and orange. Opaque green and brown provide the canvas of inspiration and the magic of color. Each one of these colors is full of life and inspires experimentation.

So here is what we can expect for 2015:

- A subtle use of color combinations or groups, rather than a single shade used in isolation; mainly soft and pastel colors will be combined.

- For those who like a classical, discrete and more conservative decorative style, we can find a more traditional palette of plum, light pink and cream, combined with light gray, greenish blue and khaki.

In my view, the color trend has changed from being a trend to becoming a way of life since Asia has become a strong influence due to its people’s way of life and its nature.

For Spring, shades of green and sepia; crystalline colors like turquoise, since water is a source of inspiration to leave behind the harsh winter and snowfalls, and makes way for sources of natural stone and swimming pools which are also fashionable.

Earthy elements like glazed ceramics in turquoise, green, red-orange and mustard yellow, along with willow baskets, chairs made of wicker and wood, and dyed or undyed  carpets made of natural fibers. Seeds and organically shaped branches for decoration.
This way of life includes tea, as well as jars and glasses with simple yet bold and repetitive designs in strong, solid colors, are also important for this season.

Organic and molecular shapes continue to be powerful, both in industrial design and architecture, since they are defined by nature and simplicity.

The natural colors of materials such as stone, concrete and wood form the base of vibrant, light and explosive colors that make up the color palette. Everything that produces shadows will be welcome, even to move from white to black. Colors to follow: aqua, pink, violet, yellow and orange.

This color palette, combined with geometric and industrial shapes, is always about comfort and elegance of a chic and urban decorative style.
                                                                                                        By Erika Winters

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