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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunnynook project: "Definitely a house to dwell forever"


Project: "Guest House" Sunnynook 40m2.
Los Angeles, California

Design, Remodeling & Decorating by Erika Winters

Rebuilt and decorated.
The conditions in which a  young couple were purchased this property was totally abandoned.

The challenge for the small house was to be conditioned as dwelling.
Draw from it the best use of space not to be monotonous or uncomfortable.
Basically we started from the concept of bringing in the garden and make this area to be an integral part of the house through a deck built with wasted poles.

To access the garden area, was built a sliding door inside the room that allows for its size and scale integrate the space.
The decor is contemporary but I must say  restoring some items and furniture from the personal collection of the couple was important too.
I also looked specific antique furniture like the Vanity, by its narrowness contributed significantly as a functional element to the only one room.

For the couple was important: first the living room was not offhand, second to be able of seating down in front of a TV, reading a book or have a nice talk with friends and third, to have a sofa comfortable and convenient enough to use as a bed for guests.
I designed a pice to fit the space and with these three characteristics.
Today the small living room looks great.

For the dining room I restored an antique (gateleg circa 1820) folding table that can serve up to 6 people.

The kitchen is an important area for the lady, she loves to cook, so  we built again all the cabinets, the sink was changed for a barn style and the three main white element as refrigerator, stove and sink keep them in center.


The floor is a vintage purple and gray vinyl. I also used in the bathroom in shades of orange.

There are repetitive elements such as Carrara marble like kitchen cover and tables. Vintage vinyl, white tile Subway type  and colors palet as plum, gray-green, white and orange, guides and sectioned the house into two parts. Starting with the plum in the kitchen including just the kitchen ceiling, it becomes gray-green, ending with warm colors like orange on the floor bathroom. 

Here in addition I used the white Subway tile, we finished walls and ceiling with a gray-green paint, the wall turns on a curve to the door.

The restored oak hardwood flooring  goes throughout the house. Because the floor I decided not to saturate the spaces and set aside the option of rugs. The floor looks amazing. The internal walls of the home environment wrapped in white with detail trim and doors in plum and gray-green colors.

We used laminated glass doors to keep light and make sense of space especially in the bathroom is tiny.
The small guest house is now fully live!!

Color Palette

"Definitely a house to dwell forever" 

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